About NFC

Nordic Fighting Championship (NFC) has been established to showcase all that’s best in Finnish Mixed Martial Arts in Finland. We organise Events where talented Fighters can be seen at reasonable cost in comfortable surroundings. We will be drawing on our previous experience and utilizing all the best parts of Events witnessed around the world, thus making our Events an exciting experience for both, Fighters and to the friends of fight sport.

Our Aims

It is without a doubt that there are many fine Fighters in Finland but due to the limited size and amount of MMA Promotions available in Finland, these Fighters have had limited opportunity to test their skills and to grow and develop as professional MMA Fighters. We aim to address this situation and match the best Finland has to offer against Opponents from another Nordic Countries, Europe and the Rest of the World giving our Fighters the opportunity to progress up the MMA Ladder.

The Venue

Whilst NFC 1 was successful there were certain aspects it was felt could be improved upon, one of them being the Venue. After thorough investigation, it was decided to make Gatorade Center (GC) NFC’s home arena and hold future Events in Finland at the GC.

 The choice was easy. The GC offers an excellent location with experience and amazing staff.