After the Beasts it is time to introduce some Beauty

Captain of Ice hockey team TPS (Turun Palloseura) Cheerleader team Satu Sarparanta,31 is a true professional in her field as she has been a Cage Girl already 10 years. She climbed first time in to cage on 2007 Fight Night but is still feeling the same enthusiasm and joy as in the first time when she is stepping in to Cage and into the limelight.

Combat Sports and people within the industry have become familiar to her within the years in action. During the past decade the popularity of Combat Sports as spectator sport has exploded and this is something Satu has also noted from the ringside.

“Nowadays the audience of these events does not consist anymore only on Combat Sport enthusiasts who train themselves or supporters of the fighters but also other fans who come to see the show as Fight Nights today in Finland are very flamboyant international level entertainment events. Events that everyone should experience as its best – Live in the Arena, Satu tells smiling and welcomes everyone to NFC Fight Night 2 to Gatorade Arena on Saturday 27th of May”

“Being a Cage Girl in front of thousands of people requires athletic nature and love of sport. Something that can not be reached without self-discipline and hundreds of hours spent training in the gym and elsewhere. The spins inside the Cage while holding the display board showing the rounds and smiling are so only a very small portion of this work – though very visible one. Behind the scene there is a lot more what you need to do in order to be ready when stepping into Cage Girls shoes, Satu says.”

This multitasking wonderwomen works during the days as sales representative and real estate agent in BO LKV while also working as a Captain of TPS Cheerleaders dance group whose dancers are also present in NFC 2 to fire up the event.

Professional sports and training in many forms have always been close to Satu’s heart – always from the Fairy Tale ballet which she begun at the age of one and half and what later on grew to dancer’s profession which has taken her to perform as background dancer to many artists, music videos and countless events around Finland within the years.

Satu and all TPS Cheerleaders welcomes you to come and see the Beauties and the Beasts and experience MMA as its best – Live in the Gatorade Arena, Turku on Saturday 27th of May.

You can buy your tickets from here

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