Daniel ‘The Gentleman’ Movahedi

Daniel ‘The Gentleman’ Movahedi is a well-known and highly respected figure in the sport of MMA. He has been an MMA referee for over 8 years and currently referees around Europe on events including the highly successful European productions; BAMMA and Cage Warriors.

Daniel is an experienced official with an excellent knowledge of the sport. He is a regular writer for the international UnCaged Magazine on a range of topics and appears on Monday night’s Obviously Fight Talk which broadcasts across Ireland.

A former mixed martial arts fighter, Daniel has been involved with the sport since the age of 16. He trained with Elite Fighting Systems and Team Titan, alongside top MMA stars, such as Brad Pickett and Jason Young, as well as honing his skills in several countries, including America. This has given Daniel a rounded view of MMA. He credits his former fighting days, along with working with some of Europe’s top referees as key factors in developing his refereeing to the high standard we see today.

Daniel stays firmly in the MMA scene both at ground level as well as refereeing rising stars and key players, continuing to build on his vast knowledge of the sport and cementing his reputation as a tough but fair referee.

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