Daniel Forsberg
4 - 2 - 0
29 years
86 kg
180 cm

Daniel “Danu” Forsberg is 24-years old Finnish professional Muay Thai Fighter from Turku, Finland. His is currently representing Turku Muay Thai Team.

Daniel has been involved in combat sport practically his whole life. Daniel’s father (European gold medallist in Taekwondo 1996) started playfully training Daniel already when he was 5-years old. When Daniel was 10, he followed in his father’s footsteps and started training Taekwondo. By the time Daniel was 15, Muay Thai had became his main discipline. During that period, Daniel made his career plans public: world championship.

It is from this aim where Daniel draws his motivation from. Fighting is embedded in his backbone. Fighting lights the fire in him. He feels that hard training and healthy ambition also provide a good role model to his son.

Left-handed Daniel was effective puncher due to his strong body structure already when he started Thai boxing at age of 15 in 2007.  Strength and skills of punching has consciously sought also from Eemeli  Katajisto’s sparring ring and from a few boxing matches in which Daniel has succeeded in knocking out opponents.

The strategy has paid off when Daniel has become an “adult man”. Daniel has knocked out his opponents four times and won the eight of his nine matches since last year’s May.

Daniel has been fighting extensively over the past years. He has  50 Muay Thai fights on his belt hand nine (9) of these fights has ended with knockouts. Daniel has also engaged with boxing – victoriously.

When asked what are Daniel’s reasons to fight, he simply replied “because I’m good at it”. Instead of having any mixed nor complicated feelings on the fight day, Daniel is feeling natural. “This is what I like to do and I am good at it.”

When looking at Daniel’s exploding and extremely energetic fighting style combined to his mentality of aiming to end the fights early, we can be sure to hear soon from Daniel.

Daniels’ achievements:
  • 81kg King of Kings World GP 4 man tournament in Vilna second place 2017
  • 86kg IFMA A-class bronze medalist 2016
  • 81kg Nordic champion 2015
  • 81kg Finnish champion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 81kg K1 Kickboxing Finnish champion 2015
  • 86kg IFMA B-class European champion 2013
  • 81kg Finnish Junior champion 2009
  • Record 50 fights/ 36 win/ 14 lost/ 9 win by KO
  • Pro record 6 fights/ 4 win/ 2lost/ 1 win by KO
  • Amateur Boxing 7 fights/5 win /2lost /1 win by KO


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