10 - 3 - 0
36 years
61,2 kg
175,2 cm

Timo-Juhani ”Tipi” Hirvikangas is a 33-years old Finnish professional MMA Fighter from Turku. He has been representing FinnFightersGym starting from 2005, the year when he started training MMA. Tipi tried boxing in his early years, but after completing his military service, he turned to MMA and hasn’t looked back since.

Tipi became a professional MMA Fighter because it is the most diverse and challenging combat sport he knows. For him this means that MMA is the best method to really challenge oneself. In addition to self-challenge Tipi draws motivation from his family. It is because of them and their continuous encouragement that give him the incentive and inspiration to push forward and train up to twelve (12) times a week.

To be able to train hard all the time, you have to have enough rest and commit to healthy and diverse diet. In that regard, the life of a professional MMA Fighter is very similar to any pro athlete. Tipi says he eats healthy everyday but he gives even more attention to his diet when he training for his next MMA fight. Well, sometimes Saturday can be a cheat day.

In the morning of the fight, Tipi can feel a bit anxious and nervous. But when the doors of the cage open, all nervousness disappears. Then all his focus turns to the fight. Everything else is just background noise – it’s there but you don’t care.

For the other man in the octagon Tipi has nothing but respect, and as long as his opponents are nice to Tipi, he is nice towards them. Tipi himself formulated this appropriately in the NFC 1 trailer: “first I take you down, then I can take you up for a beer”.

When asked about Tipi’s career plans, the answer was swift: all the way possible. When we are talking about our champion from Turku, we can be sure that the future is going to be something to look for.

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