There is little doubt that the General Public, outside of the “MMA Community” can view the Sport to be somewhat gruesome, a Sport filled with muscle bound and tattooed bearded men with the sole aim to inflict pain and damage on their Opponents.

In reality, nothing is further from the truth. There is a Bond between Fighters, as they are all aware, it takes courage, dedication and hours of disciplined training to be able to step into The Octagon and test their skills against an equally prepared Opponent. The same Bond exists between the Fighter regardless of their status or record at the training gym. The same Bond exists between the Fighters in the Octagon.

This Bond applies to everyone without distinction, whether it be to Race, Religion or Colour. Without a doubt, all other members of the MMA Community subscribe to the same ideals, this Bond may be described as “RESPECT”. Respect between Fighters. Respect between the Fighters and the Spectators.

In order to highlight that “RESPECT” exists within MMA Sport and subsequently make it more acceptable to the unenlightened Public outside of the MMA Community, NFC have instigated the “WE RESPECT” campaign. Anyone involved in our Promotions, whether it be Fighters, Officials, Management or Staff agree to abide by the principal of respect.

Entities who support the “WE RESPECT” movement